Artificial Intelligence

It is important for us in understanding on the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) as it is starting to develop across the world as part of the advancement of technology. Artificial Intelligence is the general fields that covers anything that have any relation with the intelligence of machine. Its main objective of the creation of AI is to produce a machine that has the ability in imitating the human being’s traits.

It’s started from the science fiction tale in terms of technology whereby machines have the abilities to communicate, think and feels. It is common to hear about the relationship between machine learning and deep learning with the artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is a huge part from the artificial intelligence that is made up towards the ability of machine in learning. The learning of the machine in the development of technology could be achieved by using proper algorithm in discovering the pattern and generate details data that discover, for future application in decision-making and predictions and unnecessary process that need to be programmed on every single action.

On the other hand, deep learning is a part of machine learning as the most advance field of artificial intelligence (AI). Deep learning is also brings the development of AI the closest to its goal in enabling the machine in learning to communicate, thinks and feel almost similar to human being and imitates its feature.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) started?

It’s all started when the philosophers decided to convert the human thinking skills in the context of system, specifically in machine. Hence, the name of this invention is called “artificial intelligence”, back in the old days. It is also believed that towards to the advancement of artificial intelligence, philosophy plays as important role. One of the physicist believes in achieving the artificial general intelligence (AGI) as the intelligence of machine that almost similar to the human brain, philosophy holds its key.

However, the advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) has caused the increment of debates specifically on how AI will become one the threats to humanity, physically or economic as the universal basic income is also being proposed in AI (in certain countries).

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the approach in the technology of artificial intelligence (AI) and manage to reduce the need of the hand through coding on the software and observing on how the AI could react to every single one of them. The current application on machine learning is becoming more complex and more sophisticate and making it way in the medical technology application.

Deep Learning

As the technology advancement is going through, to a deeper level of machine learning, the deep learning has been applied. Deep learning require more complex and and more sophisticated structure of architecture in mimicking the human brains in order to sense of its pattern, the detection on the noise, the missing details, and other complex confusion. With the enormous improvement on the deep learning, the requirement are also becomes more complex as it require a bigger data and immense computing technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps human being towards more machinery and system lifestyle in reducing the amount of labour.

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