Web Design 101: How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Website Designer?

Web Design 101: How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Website Designer?


At this day and age, everyone judges books based on their covers. Each online customer judges a business based on its website. So, what if you don’t have a website for your web design company? That will surely turn customers away. You will lose tons of opportunities.


Take note that every business has its own requirements and specifications. For your website, what are the features that you want to incorporate? How can you make your web pages sparkle?


The best decision? In order to create a successful website, you should hire a reputable web designer. This designer can make a bespoke, handmade website that can attract customers.


How much does a web designer cost?


The average cost of hiring professional design services can range from $500 to $10,000. It all depends on the set of features you want to include.


Web Design Under $1,000

If you only want a small website for your small business, you can settle for web designs under $1,000. This doesn’t include tons of features, that will already work for your startup needs.


It will contain a primary landing page, and location information, About Us and listing contact pages. You can settle for a brochure-style website that can cost as low as $250.


This is perfect for businesses who regularly manage their primary business offline, and just needs a simple website that can educate people.


Web Design for Up to $1,500

Are you thinking of creating a more expensive website? It might include the following features:

  • Google Business and Maps integration
  • Analytics integration
  • A content management system
  • Social media integration


Web Design for Up to $3,000

This price range covers most ecommerce websites, or websites that are being used as online stores. It implements the following features.

  • Delivery tracking
  • Live chat features
  • Order management system


Web Design for Over $10,000

If you are running a huge business, you might want to opt for a database-focused website. Through this, you can offer more customized services. It’s more expensive, but is definitely a good investment.


How much will it cost to design your website?

Before taking any major step with regards to your website design project, think of all the details you want to incorporate. Communicate all of your goals to the web designer you are going to hire, so the two of you can talk about budget. Keep in mind though, that when it comes to web design costs, nothing is set in stone. Prices would depend on the number of pages to be created, kind of website, and service quality. https://tech.co/web-design/how-much-does-website-designer-cost

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