A Short Checklist of the Most Basic Baby Essentials

Baby clothes

Do you love shopping for baby clothes in Malaysia? Well, you better start early! However, since your baby is still small and sensitive, you would want to prioritize comfort over style. Choose practical clothing pieces that would make her feel cozy and comfy, from pajamas and sweaters to onesies and blanket sleepers


Baby sleep is an important baby care aspect to focus on. This part begins with getting the right heavy blankets, crib sheets and mattress pads. Make sure your child would have a relaxing shut eye. 

Baby Diapers

Choosing the best brand for your little one is just the beginning. Changing the diaper of your child is a challenging task, most especially if you are a first-time parent. Thus, you need to have the right tools needed to make everything easier. Don’t forget to include a diaper cream, diaper bag, diaper liners and a diaper changing table on your baby shopping list. 


Prepare yourself for lots of sleepless hours. You need to feed your child around the clock. Whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding, you need to purchase the right gear. See to it that you have nipple creams, nursing pads, milk storage bags, breast pump and baby milk bottles at home even before the little one arrives home from the hospital.

Baby Bath

Bathing your baby is fun, but for it to be safe and exciting, you need to buy all appropriate hear. The must haves? Baby soap, bath tub, shampoo, hairbrush, gentle laundry detergent and soft towels.

Overall Health

Infants need to be groomed as well. If she gets stick, you would want all of the important things to be within arm’s reach. From baby thermometer to baby clippers, make sure that every baby tool is on hand.

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