Living With Just Vegetables?


Indeed, one will certainly live off vegetables, in certain cultures and countries and even islands all over the world; i.e. the West Indies and other mostly funded agricultural lands-some farming communities live off largely vegetarian ones. Nevertheless, it is harder for these agricultural communities to sustain without vegetables because of a steady environment that allows all these vegetables to be produced. With no food at all we will survive for a few weeks. On the vegetables we can only live for a tad longer.

However it is not your aim to survive, you want to live instead and that’s different. You can’t just survive on lettuce and expect to grow old. In addition, neither vegetarians or vegans are just consuming vegetables all the time. Vegans will often eat a diet that is exclusively plant based and includes vegetables, various types of fruits and other non-meat products. A healthier person can live healthily on a purely plant-based diet, and not just survive, given that this person has a very diverse, nutritious diet. Most of these are capable since there are a lot of restaurants and markets that are vegan inclusive now, you can even buy vegetables online which makes everything easy.


It’s not the simplest thing to achieve a safe and nutritious vegan diet, but it’s far from difficult, unless you have some very unique requirements. I recommend you start studying medically based advice and recipes to ensure you get all the nutrients you need from your vegan diet, if you want to turn vegan.

Besides all of the following, vegetarians also eat eggs and dairy products. Dairy and eggs are as good as meat for supplying all the nutrients needed. A vegetarian diet is relatively simple to follow and has the same dietary properties and qualities as a fairly omnivore diet (meat and fish 2–3 days a week). Anybody can live (not survive) on a vegetarian diet and prosper. By contrast, a largely meat-centric diet with inadequate vegetables and starches is much more likely to only survive with lots of nutrient deficiencies.

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