Understanding Baby Behavior and Awareness

Parenting is not just about breastfeeding your infant, and dealing with diaper changes. It’s not just about buying baby diapers in Malaysia, and dealing with baby sleep issues. Moms and dads must be able to guide their little one all throughout the baby development and baby growth process. As your child grows, her behavior would change. Now, how can you monitor baby behavior properly? 

How baby awareness and behavior are related

Your child’s early relationships and experiences would stimulate her brain. These encounters shape the way she responds and sees the world. As her awareness in the world widens, she learns and develops. Expect to see tons of behavior changes. Your infant child’s relationship’s with you is the primary way she learns about her surroundings, and how to respond to all the elements.

What makes your child happy

Your child would soon develop attachments to things and people. For instance, she would love one baby toy much more than the others. Moreover, she is learning who the most important individuals in her circle are. These are the ones that make her feel secure, safe and loved. She would prefer to be with these individuals. Don’t be surprised if she would prefer a single individual to everyone else.

What makes your child anxious

Instead of getting scared of everything, the child might become scared of specific elements. She would become expect once in a while. At times, she would become afraid of some people, typically her parents. If she is scared of you, she would let you know by crying.

What interests your little one

Your child would want to use some stuff the right way, and start experimenting with different things. Some objects might end up in your child’s mouth, too, since this is her way of exploring.

At around 12 months, your child begins to understand cause and effect, and start to have control over her behavior.

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